Help us create a global movement for a more sustainable world.
symbolizes the post-consumer recycled waste that is used in part to create each EKOCYCLE™ product.
celebrates the strength of a community working together toward a shared goal. Together, we can change the world.
is a rallying cry. EKOCYCLE™ inspires the brands you love to create products made in part of recycled materials.


What is EKOCYCLE™? and Coca-Cola® have teamed up to launch EKOCYCLE™, a brand dedicated to promoting sustainability through aspirational, yet attainable lifestyle products made in part from recycled material.
The vision of EKOCYCLE™ is to use recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, to create cool new products in partnership with the brands you love. You can be a part of the cycle by recycling. Find a recycling center near you here by visiting our friends at Earth911

How does EKOCYCLE™ take recycling to the next level?

EKOCYCLE™ is a movement as well as a brand. We are partnering with your favorite brands to lead an effort to promote the use of recycled materials in products that you desire.

What do EKOCYCLE™ products do to promote sustainability?
We’re giving you the option to purchase products that are made in part from recycling efforts which is a better way to treat the environment.  To reflect the EKOCYCLE™ program’s support for recycling and community improvement organizations, The Coca-Cola Company will make a minimum $1 million charitable contribution commitment over the next five years. This donation is in addition to, and separate from, the charitable commitments of 1 percent of operating profits made through The Coca-Cola Foundation.
Where can I find EKOCYCLE™ products?

You are in the right place to find where to shop for products online. Plus, don’t miss our exclusive EKOCYCLE™ Shop-in-Shop, Harrods 3rd Floor. Stay tuned to this page for a first chance to hear about new EKOCYCLE™ products and partnerships. Learn more at Facebook and Twitter too.